The Collective is a global group of Black travel writers and reporters, lifestyle and hospitality publicists, magazine owners, TV personalities, and industry leaders. We came together in June of 2020 to help each other navigate through the increased attention, both authentic and performative, that we received as America's new racial awakening hit the travel industry. Many of us were often the sole face of color on industry zooms and panels, so the collective meetings are a place for open and real dialogue on how we can amplify diverse Black voices and stories. The Collective serves as space for both seasoned professionals and those new to the industry to come together to share our collective experience and support each other.

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We stand in solidarity with our call to action from the industry, which includes: 

  1. Hire Black journalists for full-time, staffed positions, ranging from editorial to graphic design and marketing. This should include leadership roles that reflect global diversity. 

  2.  Create more inclusive advisory boards and specialist lists that highlight the experts who are well versed and culturally tied to a place.

  3. Assign pieces beyond Black stories to Black journalists who are knowledgeable and globally-minded in many subjects 

  4. Shift away from diversity panels and create space for  Black journalists, public relations agents, and D&I leaders to speak in the subjects they are passionate about.

  5. When planning press trips and conferences, make a conscious effort to include Black media. If you are invited on a press trip, ask if there are Black media on it and insist on having them if they aren’t.

  6. PR Firms need to make more of an effort to hire Black staff and leadership. Expand your knowledge of black-owned media. 

  7. For Tourism Boards or anyone planning travel for media, include more black and locally owned hotels, restaurants, and tour guides on your trips.  d Black stories to Black journalists who are well-versed and globally minded in a number of subjects.